Transit Project

Photos Showing Transit Projects Construction – Heavy Rail, Light Rail, High Speed Rail, Commuter Rail

KKA services specialty areas are in managing transit projects and has extensive working knowledge in all phases of the project from planning and design through construction and systems start-up to revenue services. KKA staff have in-depth knowledge of transit systems work such as interface between different systems work, rail activation, static and dynamic testing, pre-revenue services, and managing the rolling stock fabrication , delivery and testing.

The following are some of past projects participated by KKA staff:

  • MBTA Green Line Extension, Boston, Ma
  • Perris Valley Line, Riverside, Ca
  • Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor, Honolulu, Hi
  • Denver West Corridor Light Rail , Denver, Co
  • SEPTA Major Capital Improvements Projects, Philadelphia, Pa
  • Korea High Speed Rail Project, Seoul-Busan Kroea
  • London Jubilee Line, London, England