Mobile Application P6ProLinkSqlite

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P6ProLinkSqlite Application Overview

This Android application enables Primavera P6 Professional stand-alone users to remotely update the P6Pro default sqlite database whether from construction site or from other remote areas than where the P6Pro software is located. The raw construction progress data collected have to be verified/confirmed by P6Pro user before scheduling in P6Pro software. When the activities’ progress data have been validated, the user only has to press F9 or use schedule option in the P6Pro program. This application eliminates the double data input by P6Pro user when updating a project schedule file which eliminates the input errors..

In order to use P6ProLinkSqlite application, user has to install Oracle Sqlite database when setting up during P6Pro installation and the Sqlite database has to be located in C:\Google Drive\p6pro directory. C:\Google Drive in your PC’s folder is created when you install the Google Drive for PC program on your PC. User has to create a subdirectory C:\Google Drive\p6pro where you will be saving your P6Prop Sqlite database files.




Must use Primavera P6 Professional stand-alone version.
Must have a Google Drive account and installed in the android mobile phone.
Must install Google Drive for PC which will automatically create C:\Google Drive directory on your PC.
Create a subdirectory “p6pro” for Google Drive in cloud and also for C:\Google Drive directory. Example: C:\Google Drive\p6pro
User should check “sync” for both the cloud and PC subdirectory in the Google Drive settings.
Transfer and save your P6Pro Sqlite project database files in the C:\Google Drive\p6pro subdirectory and the files should be uploaded to your Google Drive p6pro subdirectory folder automatically since you have settings to “sync’ mode.

Usage – a short version

1. Open P6ProLinkSqlite android application

2. Login to your Google Drive account

3. Select your schedule project, activity and input progress information

4. Press Update button to revise the activity data information in P6Pro

5. Exit from the android application

6. Open your P6Pro software and review the progress data you have input

7. Confirm your P6Pro progress input and press F9


Video presentation

User can view the Youtube P6ProLink video presentation.


Pre-requisites when using the mobile application

1. User must have P6 Professional stand-alone version.

2. User must install the Oracle Sqlite database.

3. User must have Google Drive account and install on mobile device and PC.

4. Your computer must not be in sleep mode when you connect from remote area


1. P6ProLinkSqlite application icon

After the user installs the P6ProLinkSqlite android application, the above P6ProLinkSqlite icon will appear on the android mobile device.

2. P6ProLinkSqlite Login Screen

When the user clicks on the P6ProLinkSqlite icon, the above login screen will appear on the mobile device.

1) Enter your P6Pro Sqllite project database file located at C:\Google Drive\p6pro.

2) Next you will have to sign in to your Google Drive account.

3) If user has several Google accounts, user has to select the Google account which was used to install Google Drive.

4) Then user will be directed to the P6Pro Project Listing window.


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