Project Management/Control Approach


P6ProLink application available at Google Play store comes with 3 versions; P6ProLinkSqlite, P6ProLinkMSql and P6ProLinkDemo, which can update Primavera P6 Professional progress status information right from the actual construction site without using your notebook but directly from your Android mobile device right from your finger tips. P6ProLinkSqlite uses the default Sqlite project database, P6ProLinkMSql use Microsoft SQL Server Express database and P6ProLinkDemo uses the Sqlite database and sample project files loaded during installation. P6ProLinkDemo is a free application for P6 users to try out the P6ProLink application and then purchase P6ProLinkSqlite and P6ProLinkMSql at Google Play store. Connect to your P6Pro Sqlite or Microsoft SQL Server Express project databases from the construction site and input the construction progress data using your mobile device while talking about the project progress with the construction field staff and visually analyse the construction progress with your eyes at the field.




Must use Primavera P6 Professional stand-alone version with default Oracle Sqlite database installed
Must have Google Drive account and sub-directory with Google Drive:\p6pro (Google automatically provides free 15G cloud storage space)
Must install Google Drive for PC on your Personal Computer and create sub-directory p6pro in your computer’s Google Drive directory
Confirm that your computer and Google Drive cloud syncs and include /p6pro sub-directory
Install Google Drive mobile application on your smart phone.


Instruction for installation is same as P6ProLinkSqlite
However, user will only be able to access the sample P6 Professional project files only. If user has not installed the default sample project files when installing the P6 Professional, user will not see the sample P6Pro project listing. Go back and install the sample P6Pro project files.


Must use Primavera P6 Professional stand-alone version.
Must have Microsoft SQL Server Express (MSSE) as your database. (2008R2 or 2012 are all acceptable)
Please read DocID 906474.1 in Oracle Support Primavera Solutions for installation of the MSSE database.

Must have network router installed at your office and configured for public port forwarding IP set up.


P6ProLink** Applications Functions

** P6ProLinkSqlite, P6ProLinkMSql, P6ProLinkDemo

Usage – a short version

1. Open P6ProLink android application

2. Connect to your P6Pro database from your mobile device

3. Select your schedule project, activity and input progress information

4. Press Update button to revise the activity data information in P6Pro

5. Exit from the android application

6. Open your P6Pro software and review the progress data you have input

7. Confirm your P6Pro progress input and press F9


Video presentations

User can view the Youtube P6ProLink video presentation for installation and operations.


Application Functions of P6ProLink** applications

1. P6 Professional project listing

Click on the P6 project that will be progressed/updated and the following screen below will appear.  

2. P6 Pro Project Activity Listing

After clicking on the P6 project that will be updated, the activity listing will appear and user then can now start selecting the activities that requires progress update. The following activity update screen will appear when user clicks on the selected activity that requires to be updated.

The colored button on the left of the activity number and description provides user with quick reference regarding the activity progress status. The green button indicates that the activity has not started, orange button indicates that the activity is in-progress and the red button indicates that the activity is complete.

3. Activity Update Screen

After selecting the activity which requires progress update, the update screen appears. User can now start updating the actual start, actual finish, complete percent and remaining duration field of the activity. After confirming the input for the activity update information, user then can click “Update” button which will update the P6 Pro database or if the user has input incorrect schedule data, click “Esc” button to return to Activity Listing screen or go to the incorrect activity status field to correct the errant input.

Just as P6 Professional program, after the “Update” button is pressed, then the updated schedule is written to the database and cannot return to the previous schedule data. However, user can still return the activity and re-input the previous schedule information.

Navigating in this screen for previous or next update activity, you can either select the top left or top right double triangle button to move to previous or next activity. User can also press “Esc” or the triangle button on the bottom left screen to go back to the Activity List screen and scroll up or down to select your next update activity.

4. Activity Notes Update Screen

User can update the Note fields in the Activity windows in P6Pro. P6ProLink will create a P6ProLink note field in the P6Pro database table for you to update your comments from your field observation or your thoughts of the project progress.

5. System Option Screen

1) Update activities selection option

Default option for the activities search is 1 month previous and 3 months look ahead activities. When you turn off the option, the application will select all activities in the P6 project.

2) Keep database login information

When user turns on the “Keep database login information” option, P6ProLink application will store the login information for future connection.

If user does not want to retain the login information, then user can turn off the option.

6. Application Error Reportings

Error message will pop up when there is no connection with your PC and there can be several issues with that message. The main reason can be that the port forwarding setup has not been set properly and therefore the mobile device is not talking with your PC computer.

7. Other Problems/Issues

Please contact the application development team by email and we will try to assist you in setting up the PC and wifi router.

Acknowledgments: This mobile application was developed by Kris Kim & Jaehong Park. Jaehong has been instrumental in the development of this mobile application. His extensive knowledge of SQL database, networking and android studio program was crucial during the development of this project management application.


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