Other Sector Projects

Photos Showing Construction Of Other Sector Projects – Petro-chemical, Waste Water Treatment Projects, Etc.

KKA provides consulting services to other construction areas such as petro-chemical, waster water treatment, highway, and office/hotel renovation projects.

The following are some of the past projects participated by KKA staff:

  • BPC Acrylics Complex, Kuantan, Malaysia
  • ASEAN Bintule Fertilize Plant, Bintulu, Malaysisa
  • Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant C109, C112, Los Angeles, Ca
  • Fermilab Tunnel Project, Chicago, Il
  • Jensen Water Treatment Chlorine Containment and Flouride Project, LA County
  • MWD FE Weymouth Solids Handling Facility
  • Halloran House Hotel Renovation, Morgan Stanley Bank Office Renovations, NY, New York